Restaurang Polpette

The kitchen where Sweden and Italy meet

Enjoy the best of both worlds, traditional Italian cooking and Swedish home cooking.


About us

Polpette means meatballs in Italian and that mindset permeates everything we do at our restaurant. We want to offer our guests a place to meet and make fond memories, a place where the best of our two favorite cuisines together create an atmosphere that will not be forgotten.

Opening hours

Monday – Friday

10.00 – 23.30


11.00 – 23.30


11.00 – 23.30


Stay constantly updated on our food and drink offers and when something special happens at Restaurang Polpette.

Our menu

The best of Swedish and Italian cuisine

Our menu offers classic dishes from both countries as well as fusion dishes that combine the best of Swedish and Italian cuisine.

Polpette Special

Klassiska Köttbullar / Swedish Meatballs

Hemlagade köttbullar med potatismos, gräddsås och rårörda lingon | Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberry jam.


Beef tenderloin plank

Grillad oxfilé med ugnsbakad potatismos, baconlindade haricots verts samt béarnaisesås och rödvinsås | Grilled beef tenderloin with oven-baked mashed potatoes, bacon wrapped haricots verts and béarnaise sauce & red wine sauce.


Polpette Special

Salmon plank

Grillad laxfilé med ugnsbakad potatismos, haricots verts, citroncreme med gräslök | Grilled fillet of salmon with oven-baked mashed potatoes, haricots verts, lemon cream with chives.


Are you looking for a restaurant that is suitable for a first date?

Welcome to our restaurant, a perfect place for your next date! We understand how uncomfortable silence can be, so we've created a lovely and relaxed atmosphere with a pleasant hum in the background. No matter when you come here, you will always feel at home.