A Swedish Italian on Drottninggatan

Experience the taste of Italy at restaurant Polpette - with us you will find Italian dishes prepared with the best ingredients, from classic pasta dishes to traditional Italian desserts. We also serve selected Swedish dishes including Swedish-Italian fusion where we combine the food from our two favorite kitchens.

Experience Italian cuisine in the heart of Stockholm

Restaurant Polpette is located in the middle of Stockholm City and is just as suitable as the beginning as the end of a really great evening in the city. Regardless of whether it concerns a date, an afterwork or a birthday celebration, we make sure that the evening will be more than worth remembering.

Order catering

You don't have to make a reservation to have a chance to try all of the delicious food we have to offer. We offer catering in the form of hot and cold fusion dishes for all types of groups, big or small.

We help both private individuals and companies with catering in Stockholm for all types of events - whether it's dinner, conference, kickoff, party or Christmas party, we deliver good and nutritious food.

We love meatballs – in Swedish and in Italian

Polpette är det italienska ordet för köttbullar och det är ingen slump att vi heter vad vi heter. Köttbullar har en särskild plats i våra hjärtan och de symboliserar det vi anser vara kärnan i äkta matlagning. När man kombinerar enkla, ödmjuka och noga utvalda råvaror med passion, kärlek och noggrannhet förvandlas något simpelt till något väldigt speciellt – länge leve köttbullen.